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Please use a supported version for the best MSN experience. PNP declares war vs illlegal gambling NEWSCENTRAL.PH 1 day ago Claire Capul, NewsCentral.PH Provided by NewsCentral Media Inc. Image by Thirdy Gonzalgo Philippine National Police Chief Ronald dela Rosa | Image by Thirdy Gonzalgo Taking a respite from its campaign against illegal drugs, the Philippine National Police (PNP) declared war against illegal gambling this time. The PNP will continue to hit hard in all forms of illegal gambling activities in line with Executive Order (EO) No. 13 issued by President Rodrigo Duterte, said PNP Director General Ronald dela Rosa in a press briefing at Camp Crame on Monday, February 13. The announcement of dela Rosa followed the release of EO No. 13 or Strengthening the Fight Against Illegal Gambling and Clarifying the Jurisdiction and Authority of Concerned Agencies in the Regulation and Licensing of Gambling and Online Gaming Facilities, and Other Purposes. Duterte signed EO No. 13 on Feb.

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Du Bois while quoting the late writer, historian and civil rights activist. The tweet spelled his last name DeBois a typo that appeared to mimic the name of the departments controversial new secretary, Betsy DeVos. I see they left Ms. "DuVos" in charge of the @usedgov Twitter feed Jason Tocci (@JasonT) February 12, 2017 The NAACP, which Du Bois co-founded, was quick to mock the typo. In the Days of Loose & Careless Logic, We Must Teach Thinkers to THINK. William Edward Burghardt DU Bois, the NAACP tweeted. The Du Bois error was left unaddressed for nearly four hours before the department posted a corrected version of the tweet and issued an apology which also included a typo. Our deepest apologizes for the earlier typo, the initial apology tweet read before a second one was issued. "Education must not simply teach work it must teach life." W.E.B. Du Bois US Dept of Education (@usedgov) February 12, 2017 DeVos was confirmed by the Senate last week, with Vice President Mike Pence casting a historic tie-breaking vote. The Michigan billionaires razor-thin confirmation followed bruising confirmation hearings, where critics highlighted her support for vouchers to attend private schools and the fact that she has neither worked in nor attended a public school nor sent her children to public schools.

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