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It gets even better if you can get even higher multiple odds. For instance, if you have a $5 pass line bet and the point is 4, if you win, your pass line bet is paid at even money (1:1), bringing you $5 in winnings. Your pass line bet alone has a house edge of 1.4%. The pass line wager alone is somewhat competitive against perfect play at video poker or blackjack, but NOT equal to or better than. So, Cliff, lets enhance the wager to give it equal footing. By taking double odds ($10), you are paid at true odds (2:1) on that portion of the bet, bringing you $20 on the win. The house edge is tied to the odds of the bet. At double odds the house edge drops to 0.6%, 10x odds to 0.2% and 100x odds, all the way down to 0.02%. Bellying up to a crap table and joining the euphoria of this fast-paced game need not be intimidating, Cliff, as long as you stick to a simplified strategy of betting the pass line and taking odds. Also, Cliff, there are two bets on a baccarat game that offer a somewhat higher edge, and again, with no need to use your gray matter; especially since you dont even have to know the rules as the hitting sequence is predetermined. The house advantage is either 1.17% when betting the bank hand or 1.36% with a player hand wager.

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Pictures of the visit posted online showed the president reactivating her presence on the messaging service and posing in front of the famous photo that crashed Twitter - 2014 Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres' "selfie" with top Hollywood celebrities. Tsai was returning from a week-long visit to Central America. But it was her stopovers in the United States that raised more interest after President-elect Donald Trump said last month he would reconsider the long-standing "one China" policy, whereby the United States acknowledges the Chinese position that there is only one China and that Taiwan is part of China. He reiterated that possibility in an interview with the Wall Street Journal on Friday, a week before his inauguration. China responded that the "one China" principle was the non-negotiable political basis for China-U.S. relations. Trump took a congratulatory call from Tsai after his Nov. 8 victory, sparking outrage from China, which believes the Taiwanese leader wants to seek formal independence from the mainland. Tsai made a stopover in Houston on Jan. 7 and 8 before heading to Central America and arrived Friday night in San Francisco on her way back home.

I played mostly the $10 once in a while would push it up a little. Short time was playing $30 but when I busted went back down to 10. I had bought in with $100. When I left the table, I had my $100. I lost $100 for the evening. Now comes the good news: My wife was winning at the tables. She played blackjack, three card poker and Mississippi stud. She had won a little on each table with her highest winnings at Mississippi Stud. She had a flush and a straight plus many two pairs. She ended up the evening just over $300 won.

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