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5, 2016. Shown from left are Jonathan Williams, Jimmy Denning, Tommy Sherlock, Gareth Richards and Dai Richards. (Las Vegas Review-Journal/John Katsilometes) John Katsilometes column runs Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday on Page 3A and Fridays in Neon. Follow him on Twitter: @johnnykats and Instagram: @JohnnyKats1 By JOHN KATSILOMETES LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL One of the scheduled headliners at President-elect Donald Trumps upcoming inauguration appeared regularly at the Tropicana. As a blackjack dealer. We speak of Lee Greenwood, famous for God Bless the USA and a featured performer in The Make America Great Again Official Inaugural Concert at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. Early in his career, Greenwood dealt cards in the Trop blackjack pit while alternating as vocalist and bassist in the lounge revue Bare Touch. Greenwood worked those dual assignments for most of the 1970s. He shared this story one night when we were seated next to each other (a great coincidence) at a Terry Fator show at the Mirage. I was burning the candle at both ends, he said.

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